Fellow Rotarians!

Please read on to learn more about an international project experience available to you through Rotary!  PDG Douglas W Vincent,  RC Woodstock-Oxford is in the process of finalizing details for his next humanitarian mission abroad.  There are a number of ways we can become involved and support this worthwhile endevor!  Mr. Douglas is actively engaged as current Rotary Leadership Institute Chair, D7080, World Community Service, WCS Resource Coordinator, Zone 24E, Humanitarian Missions Chair, D7080 and CRCID Representative, D7080 .


Hi Rotarians and friends:


As I visit with many of you and share my Rotary journeys, you often indicate an interest in being involved in humanitarian aid.  Now is your opportunity to save the life of a young child and then be with me in India when we celebrate the “Gift of Live” to a child that has been saved.  See details here.


You can be with me to actually hold the child you have saved.  Come to experience the loving embrace of gratitude from a poor mother and father.  They have nothing to give as appreciation other than this, which is far more than any amount of money could ever buy.  


Many of you know our D7080 clubs “Healing Little Hearts” surgery project Calcutta, India.  So far, 50 surgeries have been funded and we have over 20 completed.  We are now working on a matching grant so save another 50 lives at a mere US$1000 per child.  Here are three opportunities for you and your club.


(1)  Please consider helping save the life of a young child, through your financial contribution.  A mere US$1000. can fund life saving surgery.

a.    See a copy of the project information at www.matchinggrants.org project 1847

b.    See photos of some India children whose lives you have already saved

c.    Read more reports on the project


(2)  You may wish to consider helping fund an Eye Surgery Hospital located in a remote area too far from city hospitals.

a.    See a copy of the project information at www.matchinggrants.org project 1848

b.    Come with me in October to help lay the corner stone of our Canadian Hospital


(3)  Travel with me to India to meet the Doctors, Rotarians and children whose life you have saved.  Imagine the embrace of love and gratitude you will receive from parents who have received your “Gift of Life” to their son or daughter.  The experience will also include participation in a Polio NID Inoculation day!

a.    See details of the trip here:  Depart Oct 17th and return Nov 2nd, flight cost $1352.

b.    Itinerary in India coordinated with projects and home hosting by Rotarians.  Local costs $632.


You will never experience a 16 day trip to India for less expense and I guarantee that you will never experience the culture and fellowship of India hospitality better than through our Rotary friends there.  Space is limited so please do not delay.  Contact Hajra Wilson hajra.wilson@me.com to make travel arrangements.


I’m excited to be sharing this lifetime opportunity with you.

Won’t you consider joining us?


With best regards,

Doug V.


PDG Douglas W Vincent,  RC Woodstock-Oxford
Rotary Leadership Institute Chair, D7080
WCS Resource Coordinator, Zone 24E

Humanitarian Missions Chair, D7080 
CRCID Representative, D7080

Box 1583,  684288 Hwy 2 W,
Woodstock, ON  Canada  N4S 0A7
Phone (519) 537-3753


See pictures of our recent humanitarian aid trips,

at: http://picasaweb.google.com/DougVpics